The Story Of The Bible

Welcome To The Story Of The Bible Correspondence Course

This Free Bible Correspondence Course, the Story of the Bible is a series of 30 short lessons. This study will take you right through the whole Scriptures, by the time you’ve finished you will be blessed with a better understanding of the books of the Bible as a whole.

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Lesson 1: How We Got Our Bible  
Lesson 2: Rightly Dividing The Word  
Lesson 3: Creation And The Fall Of Man  
Lesson 4: The Partriachs  
Lesson 5: Wilderness Wanderings  
Lesson 6: Conquest Of Canaan  
Lesson 7: United Kingdom  
Lesson 8: Divided Kingdom  
Lesson 9: Poets And Prophets  
Lesson 10: Jesus' Birth And Baptism  
Lesson 11: Jesus' Ministry  
Lesson 12: Jesus' Teaching  
Lesson 13: The Crucifixion  
Lesson 14: The Resurrection  
Lesson 15: Sin And Its Consequences  
Lesson 16: Jesus Is God's Cure  
Lesson 17: Two Covenants  
Lesson 18: Church established  
Lesson 19: Paul's Missionary Journeys  
Lesson 20: New Testament Conversions  
Lesson 21: Saving Faith  
Lesson 22: Christian Baptism  
Lesson 23: The Letters  
Lesson 24: Religious Authority  
Lesson 25: Church Unity  
Lesson 26: The Church! Its Worship And Finances  
Lesson 27: Church Organisation And Work  
Lesson 28: The Holy Spirit  
Lesson 29: The Second Coming Of Christ  
Lesson 30: Eternal Punishment And Reward  


"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."

Philippians 4:6